Maple Grove Silo

It was our pleasure to be a part of this Silo replacement project.  It’s not every day that we get to build round structures out of square timbers.  When presented with this challenge we were more than eager to jump right in!  Over the years this incredible classic New England gambrel barn had gone from a working dairy barn to housing a local insurance business, a rental property, and a partial hobby barn for Black Angus cows.  After many years of grain and silage storage the existing silo started to rot and lean making it unsafe.  Wanting to maintain the integrity of the original design the owners were looking for a replica that would conserve its original look, while using the best of modern day building practices.   At only twelve feet wide and a towering forty feet tall this project certainly presented new opportunities for growth and was a fun challenge that in the end surely did maintain that classic New England farm look.